Are you in business? Do you have everything you need to succeed?

Are you in business? Do you have everything you need to succeed?

Growing your business and ensuring its success are hard work. Whether you have one business or several businesses, we have rounded up our top items you need to succeed.

When we start a business, we may overlook a number of areas if they are “nor our forte”. Such that, if you have a flair for marketing, you may need assistance with your business admin or finances.

As part of your Legal Pursuit membership, you have access to a variety of key solutions at a fraction of the price you would normally pay at traditional firms and companies.

Here are our top items you need to consider to ensure succeed

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  1. Register and Trademark of your business name: Are you operating with a business name and is it registered or Trademarked?
  2. Brand Refresh: Does your logo need a redesign or does your brand identity need a refresh?
  3. Brand Collateral: Do you have a company video to speak to existing and new customers or clients?
  4. Website: Have you ensured you own the relevant domain names? Does your website need a refresh or a better design?
  5. Do you have Partners? You will need updated agreements.
  6. Business Structure: When last did you review your business structure and relevant documentation?
  7. Insurance: Do you have adequate cover and are you paying for what you need?
  8. Business Assurance
  9. Accounting: Do you have an adequate system to run your business? Do you need assistance with your loan accounts, bookkeeping, or HR?

Ensuring your business has the correct foundations on which to grow is imperative. Luckily, these foundations can be finalised and put into place for an existing business.

“At Legal Pursuit, we believe that every business needs the right tools, at the right price, to ensure success without the cost of such negatively affecting business.”

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